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Spring Renewal Yoga Challenge

Let's renew together with yoga. Spring is so close. Can you feel it? We have been getting glimpses of warmer weather and sunshine on the horizon. Your Spring Renewal Challenge is here! Start fresh with yoga this spring at The Nightingale. Have you taken a yoga class with us before? Our classes are slow and stretchy. We are not a Power Yoga studio! Practices are beginner friendly and encouraged.

Benefits to a consistent yoga practice:

Increased flexibility

Provides relief from back pain

Protection from injury

Ease arthritis symptoms

Stress relief

Yoga may reduce inflammation

Reduces anxiety

Improves mental health

Increases your strength

Yoga relaxes you and helps you to sleep better

Who's ready for a renewal? Who needs a renewal? Practice yoga with us at The Nightingale and feel the benefits of yoga

in your body and mind.

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